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Project Development | Professional Management | Owner Representation

Our unique analysis affords our partners, owners and investors key insights on their short, medium and long term net gain potential.

All real estate is good real estate when purchased properly. So, why settle for paying the full retail price for real estate assets which can all be had at a discount? Utilizing our partner’s singular funding model ALL purchases result in a net gain on the same day you buy or “re-up” on your existing property’s equity. 

The approach is both data proven and technology driven, allowing the leverage of real estate note instruments to be liquidated at highly favorable terms on both U.S. domestic trading channels and on international exchanges, benefitting virtually any real estate asset within the U.S.A.

The responsibility of Iconium Ltd is to on-board potential real estate buyers, existing owners and qualified operators of real estate the opportunity to remain as a direct trustor within the commercial-paper-liquidation-process and gain leverage over their property versus surrendering these potential gains over to a traditional mortgage entity or servicer.

Iconium’s thesis centers on enhancing economic freedom to our participants in passive and dynamic, asset-backed funding opportunities.

About Us

As analysts in real estate and energy development, projects  includes management and operations, using  best-in-class technologies with tested management models, enabling stakeholders to execute, capture and preserve wealth.

Data metrics examined is diversified and specialized across many sectors including tax, trust, legacy, exotic instruments, as well as insurance against disruptions and events which may impact projected outcomes.

Real Estate Brokerage

The reality is that owning and preserving value in real estate is a serious, long-term commitment. Iconium Florida Realty LLC is a division qualified to assess, help acquire and preserve wealth long term.

Operational Engineering

Combining the current real estate demand with future financial forecasting, our team continually adjusts how a single property or portfolio can endure market fluctuations and occupancy turnover.

Real Estate Quantifying

More than simply land or a building, real estate must serve a purpose and build upon that foundation in order to maximize potential to occupants, clients, investors and the surrounding environment.