How to tokenize your home purchase, without DEBT, without CREDIT & without PROBLEMS!

1. Create an account at and provide 10% in U.S. Dollars worth of the home price or equity value you seek in FUNDX token.

2. Once you possess and retain FUNDX token in your wallet, you must select to LOCK your wallet which immediately qualifies you for funding. A prequalification letter stating you are prequalified will immediately be sent via email by Funder One Capital, guaranteeing to fund (not lend) 100% equal to 10X the amount of USD deposited in your wallet.

3. You may now formalize your purchase offer to a home seller and buy any* home you wish! Realtor’s fees are paid in full at closing. We recommend using Iconium Florida Realty (IFR) to present your offer to purchase and assist in negotiating closing costs to help minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. IFR can find your dream home, all at no cost to you!